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The AAA Nannies Online Network is a service provided by AAA Nannies via the www.aaanannies.com   website to Site Members. The term "Childcarer" includes all childcarers including nannies, au-pairs, housekeepers, tutors and babysitters, while "Family" includes the biological, adoptive or foster parents of a child. "Site Member/s" includes Families and Childcarers who register on the Site, and "You" includes Parents, Childcarers and any visitor to this Site. "Information" means information on this Site, including information about Site Members provided by them.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
You must read these terms and conditions carefully before becoming a Site Member and use the services provided by the AAA Nannies website. AAA Nannies will from time to time update these terms and conditions, so it is important that you revisit this page regularly. Your access to and use of this Site will be governed by these terms and conditions, whether or not you choose to become a Site Member.

How you become a member of this site
You must be a Site Member to use the services of the Site. You become a Site Member by accepting the Terms and Conditions, acknowledging the Privacy Statement and by registering online. Childcarers must adhere to legal minimum age requirements for Childcarers depending on the country they reside in. Childcarers must be legally able to work in the country they reside in.

How the site works
The Site has public and private areas. Public areas are open to any Site visitors. The public area shows the home page, allow visitors to search for abbreviated profiles of Childcarers in their area and allow visitors to read some resources. Only Site Members can access the private areas of the site. Private areas of the site show Site Members profiles, excluding personal account addresses and phone numbers.

The AAA Nannies Online Network offers Families the ability search for Childcarers  in their area online and read the profiles that are listed. Families can choose to email Childcarers to introduce themselves, and Childcarers can reply to the Parents.
Childcarers have the opportunity to find Childcare work by receiving email requests from families. Childcarers will also have the opportunity to apply for positions posted by AAA Nannies from families in other areas of the country and overseas.
Once Site Members have made contact, they may choose to exchange personal phone numbers and addresses.
By becoming a Site Member, you acknowledge that there is no employment, independent contractor or agency relationship between yourself and AAA Nannies and that the Site merely offers you the opportunity to make contact with Parents and Childcarers.
The AAA Nannies Online Network provides detailed profiles of Childcarers. Profiles show whether the Childcarer has obtained a police check and references available and allows Families to select Carers with specific credentials. AAA Nannies recommends that Site Members interview each other before scheduling a start date.

What the Site does not offer
AAA Nannies does not undertake scheduling of interview appointments, complete police or other background checks or verify the information provided by other Site Members. Whilst each Childcarer and Family profile will be checked, AAA Nannies does not provide any guarantee that the information provided by site members is correct. Families requiring a personalized recruitment service may do so by registering for the AAA Nannies Personalized Service.

How to Register
Families and Caregivers can join the Site by completing the registration online. Caregiver registration collects detailed information including name, address, age, qualifications, experience and work preferences.
Family registration collects information including Family name, address, and childcare requests. All the information collected is stored securely, and by becoming a Site Member You acknowledge that your personal information may be displayed on this Site. You should make Yourself familiar with our Privacy Policy

Emails and Newsletters
AAA Nannies will send you emails relating to your membership, for the purpose of operating and updating the database and for keeping you informed of new services and enhancements to the website that are available to you.
AAA Nannies may also send electronic newsletters to members. If this occurs the newsletter will contain clear, straightforward instructions on how you can unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Site Member Conduct

We want to ensure that using the Site is the best experience possible for all Site Members. To that end, you are prohibited from any actions that may interfere with the Site. These include, but are not limited to:
·         Accessing data not intended for you
·         Attempting to breach authentication or login to an account that you are unauthorized to access
·      Disrupting service to the Site by interfering with the server or network by denial of service attack (DOS), spamming, or otherwise engage in conduct that causes a threatened or actual nuisance to Site Members.
·         Forging information sent to the website or in an email, including TCP/IP packet information.
If you become Site Member you must not post, transmit, save, or distribute any Information or material that:
·         is false, inaccurate or misleading;
·         is fraudulent;
·         infringes the privacy or intellectual or other proprietary rights of another;
·         is illegal;
·         is defamatory, libelous, threatening, or intimidating;
·         is obscene or contains child pornography;
·    contains any viruses, Trojan horses, easter eggs, worms, time bombs or other computer programming routines that may damage, modify, delete, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept, access without authority or expropriate any system, data or personal information;
·         create liability for AAA Nannies or cause AAA Nannies to lose (in whole or in part) the services of its ISPs, Web hosting company, or other suppliers; or
·         creates an unauthorized link to another website

AAA Nannies reserves the right to edit, refuse to post, or remove any information or material it deems as inappropriate.
Acceptance of Risk & Release from Liability
In using this Site, You accept that there are risks associated with dealing with people you have not met before and using the Information on this Site.

AAA Nannies disclaims all responsibility for material and Information posted on this Site and all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, harm, damages or costs you incur as a result of your use of this Site.
In using this Site, You acknowledge that AAA Nannies makes no warranties or representation as to the quality, accuracy or completeness of the Information or the quality of the care provided by Caregivers. You also acknowledge AAA Nannies does not have any control over or responsibility for the actions of Families and makes no warranties as to their behavior.
Because AAA Nannies is not involved in actual transactions between Site Members, in the event that You have a dispute with another Site Member you will need to personally negotiate the resolution of that dispute. You also acknowledge that AAA Nannies is in no way responsible for the payment or refund of Caregiver fees.
You release AAA Nannies (and its officers, directors, agents, affiliates, subsidiaries and employees) from claims, demands and damages (including actual, special, direct, indirect and consequential damages) arising directly or indirectly out of or in any way connected to:
·         disputes with or acts or omissions (including negligence) of other Site Members;
·         Your reliance upon Information; or
·         Your use of this Site generally.
The content of this Site is protected by Australian and International copyright and other intellectual property laws. You are authorized to copy or download material on this Site for your own use however you may not do so for commercial or public purpose
Links to Third Party Sites
This Site may contain links to third party sites. Access to any other Internet site linked to this Site is at your own risk and AAA Nannies accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information, data, opinions, advice or statements made on such sites. AAA Nannies provides these links merely as a convenience and this does not imply any endorsements.
Your use of this Site will be governed by and construed pursuant to the laws of Australia and you agree to submit to its jurisdiction.
Any failure by AAA Nannies at any time to enforce any of the provisions of these terms and conditions or any of its rights will not be a waiver of such provisions, rights or elections or affect the validity of these Terms and Conditions.
If any clause or part of a clause of these Terms and Conditions is invalid, illegal, unlawful or otherwise being incapable of enforcement, that clause or part of a clause will be deemed to be severed and of no force and effect, but all other clauses and parts of clauses of these Terms and Conditions will nevertheless prevail and remain in full force and effect and be valid and fully enforceable. No clause or part of a clause of these Terms and Conditions will be construed to be dependent upon any other clause or part of a clause unless so expressed.
AAA Nannies may terminate your Site Membership at any time at its absolute discretion.
Refund Policy
AAA Nannies does not offer refunds except at its sole discretion.